🎁 Join our India Syndicate & U.S Syndicate to co-invest with us by writing small checks.

What is Plan B Network?
Plan B network is a group of angel investors, operators and founders who invest in startups by writing a small cheque. Plan B network has the opportunity to co-invest in the startups that Plan B Capital invests in. The investment of Plan B Network is through a syndicate.

Who can join Plan B Network?
Any one who is interested in investing in Indian Startups and want to build a portfolio of startups can join plan b network.

How to join Plan B Network?
You can join plan B network by filling this form.

Why join a network instead of investing individually?
Being part of network could be additive to your individual efforts. It helps you get more opportunities to invest in while saving time & effort of finding right startups.

Do I have to invest capital upfront to join Plan B Network?
No, Plan B Network operates like a typical angel network and network members have the option to invest in a deal if they choose to. No upfront capital is required.

Who is supporting Plan B Network?
We are glad that some of the most active founders and investors in Indian startup ecosystem are supporting us. Here are some of them. Fill this to become part of our network or visit our network page.
    ▪️ Siddharth (Co-Founder at ONJUNO)
    ▪️ Kushal (Founder of FirstCheque)
    ▪️ Darshan (Co-Founder of Vauld)
    ▪️ Neeraj (Co-Founder of SuperK)
    ▪️ Anirudh (Co-Founder of Pepper)
    ▪️ Anji (Co-Founder of DOTO)
    ▪️ Vichar (Co-Founder of Burncal.fit)